Roasted Occy
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Author:  Chippy [ Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Roasted Occy

Three Part Recipe. MUST have hot oven and oven proof frypan/skillet.

10kg Frozen occy (heads removed)
10-15 Bay Leaves
15 cloves of garlic
Handful of black peppercorns
5-10 red chillis cut lengthways
Roma tomato's cut lengthways into quarters

Part One. Occy Prep.

Put FROZEN occy, bay leaves, peppercorns, 10 garlic cloves and 8-9 chilli into stockpot and cover 3/4 with water, and 1/4 with red wine. put pot on to boil for about 2 hours once boiling. When tentacles come away from body relatively easily, drain into sink, peel and take the beaks out. Cut into rougly 2cm pieces.

Confit Garlic.

Place 5 cloves of garlic into saucepan and just cover with oil. I usually use veg oil because olive oile becomes too fragrant when heated. Put on stove and heat, but do not simmer/boil. Cook for about 2 hours till garlic is very soft. Drain garlic from oil. Oil can be reserved and kept for pickling or salad dressings etc.

Put ovenproof pan onto stove once steps one and two are completed. once pan becomes almost smoking hot, add a teaspoon of vege oil, and quickly flash seal 2-3 tomato quarters, 2-3 confit garlic cloves and 2-4 chilli halves, then add a good handful of occy pieces and fry quickly. Place pan into 200 degree oven for around 10 minuts until occy and ingredients are hot and cooked.

Makes 1 persons serve.

My recipes are all rough amounts because being a chef, i never measured anything, and prep was always done and ready before the final step.

Remainder of occy can be used for pickling or whatever

Author:  Nick [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roasted Occy

This also works with cuttlefish tentacles for anyone wondering how to cook them. :)

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