The annual Glynn Dromey spearfishing competition will go ahead tomorrow Saturday 11 May. Sign in is from 0610 – 0640 on Lancelin beach next to the main jetty. Briefing to follow at 0645 sharp. Sign off is at 1430 at the Lancelin Angling and Aquatic Club.

See you all there!

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10 May, 2019 By Admin

EQUAL RECORD (doesn’t exceed Cameron Cousins 2013 record of 2.084kg by more than 100g)

Fringe-eyed Flathead (Cymbacephalus nematophthalmuscaught 04/01/19 Blake Caddy 2.090kg

Moari sea perch (Lutjanus rivulatus) – Blake Caddy, Caught 03/07/18 ,Dampier, 14.05kg

Swallow-tailed dart – (Trachinotus coppingeri), 15/03/2018 Exmouth 1.80kg Benjamin Coy

Swallotail – (Centroberyx lineatus) Benjamin Coy 05/16/2018 0.44KG

Sea Sweep – (Scorpis aequipinnis) Benjamin Coy 15/06/2018 1.78KG

Yellowspotted Boarfish (Paristiopterus gallipavo) Benjamin Coy 05/16/2018 3.18kg

Huge effort and congratulations to Ben Coy and Blake Caddy for the new club Records! All existing club records can be viewed at; https://www.waundersea.com/clubrecords

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4 February, 2019 By Courtney Kelly

After much suspense the Species list and competition rules have been released!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Species list
Standard Species list (1)
Competition rules
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31 May, 2018 By Admin

HECS Aquatic and the WA Undersea club are hyped to present this years Dampier Spearfishing Competition. Last year was a roaring success and we have another treat in for you this year. We are also excited to release the Dampier-2018-species-list!

As usual, we have some amazing prizes for the winner’s thanks to major sponsors HECS. Entry is free and open to all financial WAUC members. Always a great day for our Dampier brethren and a great excuse for a road trip for the Perth crew!

So grab yourself a WAUC bro, or sister, and get involved!

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30 April, 2018 By Admin

 This weekend coming we are planning to run the Metro Lotto Pairs Spearfishing Competition. Pairs for this comp are randomly generated. 
To be entered in this comp you need to PM Michael Treble with your interest in being involved. 

You will need to let me know the following and with this information I will allocate you into either category A or B. 

Experienced Spearo Y/N 
Do you have access to a boat for the comp u can use Y/N 
You do need to do the above by Friday morning at the latest prior to the random pairs being generated. 
The pairs will then be put together from either category on Friday at approx lunchtime. … Read more

27 March, 2018 By Admin

Hi members

Its that time of the year where we need to get together to have some fun and get a bit of official club business settled. Come and celebrate another year of the West Australian Undersea Club Inc!

We have the catering all sorted with finger food on the menu and drinks available from the bar. Over the night we will revisit the years events with a rolling display of pics and videos of the Glynn Dromey, Beagles and Rotto Cray comps! We will also announce the winner of the 2017 Mack 1000 and Yellow tail kingfish competitions.

As a special one off bonus for being a financial WAUC member, we will be drawing a random prize of an Andre Reef Roller Gun worth almost $1000 as a give away.

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27 June, 2017 By Admin

We are back at it – this year we come back bigger and better with a 12 month competition rather than 6 months

Vast array of prizes to give away thanks to our sponsor Neptonics Australia + cold hard cash $$$$



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20 February, 2017 By Admin