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Glynn Dromey Spearfishing Comp 2013

Western Australian Undersea Club presents

The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition for 2013

We rocked up at the sign-in in the half light at twenty past six in the morning to see Jonty handing out forms and collecting money while Nathan was dispensing fresh baked Danish pastries to all. Not your average spearfishing comp.

The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition has been held annually since 1996 in remembrance of Glynn Dromey who was tragically taken by cancer in the early eighties. Glynn was a WAUC member, was a very good spearo who was enthusiastic and adventurous. Entrants take the day off, organize leave passes, coordinate work schedules, catch buses from Albany, drive up from Bunbury and navigate the difficult journey from the Bluewater Club to attend the premier W.A.… Read more

2013 Glynn Dromey Spearfishing Competition

The Glynn Dromey comp is ON THIS



This is a competition open to all divers.

Details can be found at:

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