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2011 Glynn Dromey Spearfishing Results

We had 18 pairs enter the Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition – 2011 on Saturday morning. The wind was gusting 20 knots from the east and the swell was 1.2 to 1.5 metres, pretty much as forecast. The viz varied from 2 to 15 metres depending on dive location and water was 22-23 degrees. Of the 18, 14 pairs weighed in.

The results:

First Place:
Rob Higgs
Ross Bulluck
7 fish and 1187 points

Second Place:
Darren Gebbetis
Brendan Bright
5 fish and 1144 points

Third Place:
Troy Eggins
Rik Weekes
3 fish and 732 points

Fourth Place:
Graham Gould
Joe Petrovich
3 fish and 660 points

Fifth Place:
Ben Coy
Michael North
3 fish and 586 points

Best Junior: Jack Moss
2 fish and 367 points

Mystery Fish: Nick Extract

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2011 Glynn Dromey Spearfishing Competition

Due to poor light sign-on has changed, it is now 6:30am to 7:10am and the competition will now start at 7:30am and finish at 2:30pm. At 6:00am the officials are setting up and signing on whilst dark.

The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition 2011.
Please read.

1. The competition is on for Saturday April 16, 2011
2. Due to poor light the competition has been put back 30 mins.

Sign is 6:30am to 7:10am

Start: 7:30am

Finish: 2:30pm

Weigh-in and refreshments at 3:30pm
3. If possible, print off a copy of the species list and keep it in a waterproof bag.… Read more