Feature Photo

WAUC member Riley Moore captured the epitome of the WA Spearfishing wholly grail today, Yellowfin Tuna.

Epic fish!

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WAUC feature video

WAUC’s own Caleb Moore shows some great diving in this video and shoots an elusive Mu along with other great species such as Dogtooth Tuna.

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2014 Rottnest WAUC Cray competition

Seabreeze predicted fantastic conditions for the WAUC cray comp early in the week and the excitement on social media built in anticipation for a great day. The predicted 10-12 knot NW winds were more like 18-20 knots and the ride over to Rotto was bumpier and wetter than forecasted. However the weather was perfect with clear blue skies and maximum temperature of 30 degrees.

We focused our attentions on the south side of the island in an attempt to escape the winds and chop. The conditions were excellent with great visibility and calm seas. The focus was on jumbo crays so earlier in the dive legal crays were ignored.… Read more

WAUC Leadership Program 2014

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Glynn Dromey 2014 results

Sign-ons start at 6:10am and I wanted to be there to promote the Mackerel1000. The 7 day waiting period for entrants would be waived for today’s Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing comp and I expected a few to register. I woke 5 minutes before the alarm at 3:00am. An hour to load the car and boat with prizes, spearing and boat gear and, weigh-in equipment such as laptop, digital scales and fish bags for the contestants. I relaxed over a cup of tea, then into the car for the two hour to drive to Lancelin.

Today would be an event which for the contestants is 12 hours long but for the organizers is an expression of 12 months work.… Read more

2014 Glynn Dromey Spearfishing Competition

All details found in the “Glynn Dromey Competition” tab at the top of the website.

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The Mack1000 kicks off for 2014

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Bunbury Spearfishing competition 16th February

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2014 schedule of WAUC events

1st February – Mackeral 1000 begins
16th February – Bunbury Spearfishing Comp
1st March – Albany Spearfishing Comp
29th March – Glynn Dromey Memorial Comp
10th May – Beagles Comp
31st August – Mackerel 1000 ends… Read more

WAUC Rottnest Island Crayfish competition 2013

WAUC Crayfish Competition for 2013

The Allure of the Azure, otherwise known as a day in Thompsons Bay, was held by the WAUC for the weigh-in of the crayfish competition for 2013. Conditions were as forecast with a freshish nor-easter early dropping to below ten knots by 10 on a swell of 1.25.

The crayfish season for the recreational fishers was extended a month and opened on October 15. It was a surprise announcement by the government but seemed to coincide with an improvement in the weather. The previous 2 months were crap. It also meant we had to consider earlier dates for holding the Club’s annual crayfish competition.… Read more