WAUC club meeting Tuesday 10th November

Hello all,

The next WA Undersea Club monthly meeting will be held at our long time club supporter and sponsor, Power dive/Dive and Fish store in Mosman Park. There will be one off specials and promotions on dive gear during the night so make sure you bring some $$ and come along to see the bargains for yourself!

They sell the best cray loops on the market (Odysseus) for the cheapest price in town!

Time: Tuesday, 10th November 2015

6pm – 9pm approx.

Food provided by club (pizza) at 6:30.

BYO drinks


5/634 Stirling Hwy,

Mosman Park


- All things Lobster/Crayfish – informative talk held by Joe Petrovich, aka the Jumbo Specialist. Known to be able to sniff out a jumbo from a 107 meter radius.

- Topics covered by Joe will include: where to find crayfish, how to loop, catch care and humane dispatch, torches for crays, where to find Jumbos and ground they like, gear care, loop set ups etc. Not to be missed!

- Dive and Fish Metro Cray Comp – Saturday 14th November – Financial member only cray competition – Weigh in and free BBQ at Rottnest!

- Meet and greet new members

As always, visitors are welcome to come along and see what the club meetings are about, we are a friendly welcoming bunch.

See you all there, this will be an informative meeting not to be missed!



WAUC Rottnest Crayfish Competition


Dampier Spearfishing Classic report

The Dampier spearfishing classic was organised by the WA Undersea club and sponsored by GT Diving, Our Exmouth House and Rob Torelli Down Under. We aim to foster a competitive spirit between spearos and promote the virtues of selective hunting. The competition lasted 11 hours but there was months of work for the organisers. The process of putting together a competition isn’t easy, it takes a committed team with large amounts of energy to do all the background tasks required to put on such an event.

Our day started by waking up before dawn, the excitement built as we spoke of plans and tactics for the day, we loaded gear, prizes, weigh in equipment and laptops. As we made the quick drive to sign on it looked like the weather gods were smiling on us! Low winds and cool conditions saw the crowds start to roll in and competition started in earnest. Heavily advertised the WAUC’s first spearfishing competition in Dampier had an outstanding turnout! We had 31 pairs of eager spearo’s signing in on the day and 40 new members joining on the morning of the competition to the WAUC family. This amount of interest from Dampier spearo’s massively exceeding WAUC’s expectations and thus, leaving the organisers with a stack of paperwork to complete!

As the buzzer sounded the competition started, the fleet departed. Many chose to go via land to their spearing grounds, however, our boat started the long run in search for clean water westward. We arrived at our first spot and immediately see a large school of Golden Trevally and Queenfish came up behind the boat, then everyone scrambles for gear jumping into a milky 20m viz. The flashers go over the side with a cry of “Red Emperor” goes out. Darren and I both dive to 20m, Darren got a nice shot on the Red. I had the tough choice between a Trout, Bluebone and Emperor. I surface with a nice Black Snapper – the perfect start to the day. Both diving pairs start burley trails which leads to our main problem of the day, sharks. Whilst the reef we chose was clean, it also seemed to be a favourite for big Bull sharks and Bronzies. A few good macks are lost before we decide its time to hit the shallows.

We rock into the shallows, the skipper putting us on a shallow coral/bombie field in 5-6m, a quick burley trail brings out some more Trout and some of the best Blackspot Tuskfish I’ve seen. We quickly shoot a few 7-8kg species for dinner before the current pushes us down the burley trail looking for big Jacks, a few 4-5kg models are seen but none of the bigger ones wanted to come into range. I eventually spotted a large Longnose Emperor on the edge of vis and spend the next 30 minutes trying to win a meritorious fish, these are great fish to hunt and stalk.

Fast forward to weigh in, we were greeted by a crowd of some 100 spearos and on lookers, Karl and Blake immediately get onto the BBQ. Darren, Graham and myself start the long process of weigh in while Caleb the token club Photographer started doing the rounds getting some photos of the competitors. Unfortunately my laptop decided it wanted to join in the diving and went for a swim, lucky the phone was a worthy backup. 24 pairs decided to weigh-in at the end of the days diving. I was excited to see what came in. The eskies were comprised of Trout, Mangrove Jacks, Bluebone, Spanish Mackerel and Cobia seemed to be the flavour of the day.

Eventual winners Mark Pascot and Brian Myers took an early lead and hang on to it to win the competition with 7 species and their Estuary Cod taking full points, essentially giving them 8 species. The rest of the field was fairly close with 2nd and 3rd weighing-in in 7 species and 11 pairs weighing in 5 or 6 species meaning 4th and 5th were hotly contested. A couple of disqualifications of good divers occurred due to not being back on the beach for weigh in on time opened up the field. Honourable mentions go to the two Triple tails, two Red Emperors, two Black snappers and one nice Flathead. Also, the fantastic new junior members who landed fish comparable to our senior divers, we definitely will be adding a junior prize category to future competitions in Dampier.

Congratulations to our winners:

• 1st Mark Pascot and Brian Myers
• 2nd Justin Oleary and Raymond Kaestner
• 3rd Karl Reece and Bryce Hollins
• 4th Graham Gould and Wally Galli
• 5th Terry Howe and Eli Oliveros
• Mystery Prizes: Richie Chapman and Ryan

A big thank you to our sponsors: GT Diving, Our Exmouth house, Rob Torelli Down Under – without our sponsors these competition wouldn’t be possible!

A special thanks to our support staff Ben Coy, Joe Petrovich, Graham Gould, Darren Aitken, Karl Reece, Caleb Moore for their tireless efforts behind the scenes, at weigh in and cooking the BBQ. Blake Caddy and Dave Price for the many hours on the phone and looking after all the Perth boys so well.

And finally a big thankyou to our new members and existing members of the WA Undersea Club who entered the first WAUC Dampier competition. WAUC are already planning some new events in the not too distant future for our new North West members and some certified club scales are on the way for our members to use. It was great to meet you all, thank you for your good humour whilst I ran my first event. Please join the new WAUC Pilbara Facebook group and once your membership email comes through join WAUC Gold for the latest member only updates.

If you would like to help out with future WAUC events or even sponsor the WAUC or an event don’t hesitate to contact me.


Chris Barnes
WAUC Secretary and Sponsorship officer

WAUC subsidised Freedive courses

Application forms found here:

WAUC freedive course application January 2016 Part 1 & 2

WAUC 2016 Events Calender

Hi Members and Supporters,

The Club has revamped it’s Events Calendar to include two more Competitions as well as a Club Champion award. Competitions are a great way to test your skills, socialise and meet other spearos, as well as have a great days diving. There is a good mix of Regional and Metro comps, so everyone gets a chance to be involved.

Remember these are mostly member only comps with free entry! So don’t forget to renew your membership if you haven’t done so already.

DAMPIER COMPETITION Sat 10th October 2015

CRAYFISH COMPETITION Sat 14th November 2015

(Woodmans Point)





MACKEREL 1000 1st Jan to 30th June 2016

YTK Comp 1st Jan to 30th June 2016

Club Champion 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016


Graham Gould
0412 945 722

Dampier Classic Competition

Rules and species list here:

2015 Glynn Dromey Competition


The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition is postponed until Saturday April 18 providing the weather is good enough.

Two new FADs off Perth

The West Australian Undersea Club is extremely proud to present a new group of FAD’s off Perth to the WA Spearfishing and Fishing community.

The FADs were deployed 8 March 2015.

They can be found at the following coordinates;

FAD 1 32° 13.071′ S 115° 23.289′ E

FAD 2 32° 13.104′ S 115° 24.371′ E

Please respect the FAD’s as a lot of time, effort and money was invested in them.
Do not tie your boat onto the FAD and drift dive the FAD’s only.
These FAD’s are not exclusive spearo FAD’s and line fisherman have every right to fish them also.

A spearfishing club putting out FAD’s is a first for WA spearfishing, if not, Australian spearfishing!

Well done and thank you to Jamie Moir and his helpers from WA Undersea Club and the support from Recfishwest!

WAUC Kingfish Competition

In an effort to attract more of our southern brethren to a Mack1000-like competition, WAUC are rolling out a new Yellow Tail Kingfish competition this season!

Rules and entry form found here:
YTK Comp Rules and Application

2015 WAUC Mackerel 1000 competition

For further details click here: